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Keepsakes, Caskets and Urns

Following a cremation, you may choose to retain some or all of the cremated remains. If you do, there are a number of options available to you, such as having them in a casket, urn or a portion kept in a small keepsake.

Traditional Cremated Remains Caskets & Urns

We offer a range of metal, veneered wood and solid wood caskets, which are suitable for retaining cremated remains at home, or can be used in many cemeteries and churchyards for burial.

Colourful Caskets

To match our range of colourful coffins, we also offer a selection of colourful caskets. These can be selected to match a chosen colourful coffin, or can be any other design you wish.

Environmentally friendly caskets & urns

Following a cremation, you may choose a woodland burial site, or you may just want an environmentally friendly casket to retain the cremated remains. We offer a selection of willow caskets with natural liners.

Keepsake Urns & Jewellery

We hold a small selection of keepsake urns and jewellery in our offices. You may wish to retain a small portion of cremated remains, or a lock of hair, and these are ideal for that purpose. The pictures here do not do the pieces justice, and as the range is changing all the time, so we recommend you visit our offices to see our current stock.


Image Galleries

  • Coffins
    • Our selection of traditional, colourful and willow coffins

Other coffins, caskets, urns and keepsakes are available in addition to those shown in the galleries. If you do not see something you want, please contact our office and we will be pleased to advise you on availability.

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