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Dove releases at funerals

It is never easy to say goodbye. Releasing a funeral dove pays a moving tribute to a loved one who has passed. Respectfully creating tender memories for those left behind. The dove also brings a sense of soulful serenity to soothe the hearts of family and friends.

Before releasing a dove, some mourners share a moment of solitude with a dove snuggled to their chest before releasing it to the skies, while others prefer to release from an elegant white carrier.

A Single Dove symbolises the release of the departed person’s spirit. Family Members can also release individual doves with a solitary thought and personal farewell.

A pair of doves symbolise one soul joining another, a partnership reunited for eternity.

The trinity release creates an escort to eternity: three doves ascend to await a fourth dove, which is released to symbolise the parting spirit and they all fly on together.

A flock of doves (6-100) released from a white wicker basket signifies a celebration of life and simply bids a united farewell by family members and friends.

Funerals can be especially difficult for children, who may be struggling to understand death, so releasing a dove at the graveside or even at home and watching it fly away gives children a lasting image and a beautiful memory to hold forever.

If attending a funeral isn’t possible through age, illness or distance, think about releasing a dove at home in a private moment of thought and reflection.

Our doves are supplied by The White Dove Company, who have many years experience in keeping and supplying doves.