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We take great pride in our fleet of funeral vehicles. Our primary fleet consists of Jaguar hearses and limousines. In addition to this we also have a classic Austin Princess hearse and are able to supply horse-drawn hearses, motorcycle hearse and 4x4 hearses. Other vehicles are available by special request. If there is something specific you would like, please ask us and we will endeavour to supply it.

All of our drivers are carefully selected and trained for cortege driving to ensure your comfort and safety whilst in our vehicles.

Daimler Fleet

Our Jaguar cars are purpose-built for funeral work. They combine the highest levels of style, elegance, comfort and practicality and we think that you will agree that they carry out their task with a level of dignity and discretion not often found in modern vehicles.

Austin Princess Hearse

1966 Austin Princess

Available on request, our Austin Princess hearse was originally built in 1966 making it a true classic in every sense of the word. It's clean lines and bright chrome work mean that it has never gone out of style, and is still as elegant today as it was nearly fifty years ago when it was new.


During the mid 1980s, the popularity of, and interest in, horse drawn funerals was revived and has brought with it an interest in the history of funerals before the advent of the motor car.

The traditional funeral horse is of Friesian breed, more commonly known as the "Belgian Black". When the horses were first imported to Britain there was no port in the Netherlands, their home country, and so they were transported overland to Belgium, exported on barges from Antwerp. They were then taken up the Thames to the Elephant and the Castle where they were sold in market every Thursday.

The horses do wear plumes, which were predominant in the Victorian era, but were banned in 1914 by pressure put upon the Undertakers' Association, as when wet, the weight of the head-dress caused the head to droop. Today, we use dyed black ostrich feathers to adorn the heads of our funeral horses as a token of this past tradition.

The horses live at stables in Essex and are transported to us when required. They have been First class winners at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, and held the first prize two years running at the National Driving Championships plus they are the holders of numerous red ribbons from County Shows. These prizes give an indication of the dedication and professionalism behind the quality of care undertaken at the stables.

We are sure that the survival of the Friesian and the Victorian hearse is guaranteed as we have shown they can exist extremely well side by side with the more modern motor driven hearse in today's more environmentally friendly age.

We are also able to supply a horse drawn hearse in white.

Vintage Austin

This 1930's vintage Austin hearse is available by arrangement. Pre-dating any other vehicle we use, it offers a unique look from the very earliest days of motorised hearses.

Landrover 4x4 Hearse and Limousine

For Landrover enthusiasts, or perhaps just for something totally different, we are able to supply a Landrover hearse and limousine. Custom built, the hearse has been specially extended to accommodate a coffin and floral tributes in the back, while the limousine carries mourners in matching style behind.

Motorcycle and Trike Hearses

For many people a motorcycle or trike is part of their life, and now with a motorcycle hearse or a trike hearse, it can be a big part of the funeral too.

Motorcycle Hearse Fleet 

The motorcycle hearses are available in different makes, including Triumph, Suzuki and Harley Davidson, each of which is custom built in the UK to an extremely high standard.

More images of the alternative vehicles we can supply may be found in our photo gallery.



Visit our Photo Gallery for more images of our vehicles, and those we have previously used on funerals.